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Gesture Control for Safari

Svadilfari lets you control Safari with gestures. Try out a new web browsing experience on iPhone and iPad.

Download Svadilfari on the App Store

Free. Requires iOS 15 or later.

Custom Gesture

Customize your settings and use your favorite gestures to control Safari.

10+ Actions

Svadilfari supports more than 10 actions, such as creating tabs, copying URLs, and executing JavaScript.

Exclusion List

Disable gestures on specific domains and URLs.


Svadilfari is available on the App Store for free!

gesture screen

Browse the Web like a Pro

With the introduction of Safari Extensions in iOS 15, it is now possible to extend Safari in ways that were previously impossible.

Svadilfari was created to make browsing easier for users who browse the web a lot.


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