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Getting Started

This page explains how to install and setup Svadilfari.

Install Svadilfari#

Svadilfari is available on the App Store for free. Your device must be on iOS 15 or later.

Download on the App Store

Enable Safari Extension#

Once you install the app, follow the steps below to activate the extension.

  1. Open the Settings App
  2. Tap Safari
  3. Tap Extensions
  4. Tap Svadilfari
  5. Enable Svadilfari
  6. Tap the Permission for All Websites
  7. Select Allow

You can check if the extension is working by visiting Svadilfari Checker on Safari. The extension is active if you see a green screen.

If you are unable to enable it after following the instructions, please see the FAQ.

Use Gestures!#

Go to Gesture screen to see the list of gestures.

Draw a pattern on a web page in Safari and the corresponding action should be executed.